Apartment 138 m²
Project Author:
Arthur Mitroshkin
Moscow, Russia
Sergey Krasyuk
Kira Prokhorova
A cool location always inspires you to look for solutions, you expect gorgeous views from the windows. However, they showed a rather urban landscape. Later it became even more interesting: the contrast of an ideal utopia inside the flat with stucco, expensive materials, a cool selection of furniture and such a different world behind the glass with panel grey houses.
The location of the wet areas and the size of the rooms from the developer put us in a tight bind when looking for planning solutions, but in the end we managed to develop a successful combination for all the rooms without compromising ergonomics.
The flat is for a family of three, currently lived in by a young active couple with a teenage child. The study is designed with the possibility of transformation into another children's room (+1).
When developing the layout, we tried to allocate personal space for each family member and make these areas as private as possible, so they are in the far part of the flat. The spacious hallway with a wardrobe and a guest bathroom welcomes you, and from the threshold you can clearly see the common area of the living room and kitchen-dining room. Intuitively, guests immediately understand where to go next.
The whole point of working with a studio is to get an individual layout that suits the owners and covers the maximum of their needs and aesthetic requirements, that's what we are after. We always offer something unique, but we also focus on the design of the initial data. Architecture subordinates design, defines shapes and volumes, approves materials.
Hall with wardrobe;
Living room with semi-transparent sliding partition with kitchen-dining room;
Master bedroom with wardrobe;
Children's room;
Study with a secret pantry;
Bathrooms (3 pcs.):
- Master;
- Children's;
- Guest.


The main task is to take into account all the needs of the client, while remaining true to the stylistic direction, and to be satisfied with the result. Trust on the part of the client is very important here. There can be no compromises, we are looking for a planning solution that will make everyone fall in love with it without exception.

We got a simple and elegant interior with a lot of details, full of complex architectural elements, knots and materials. The aim was to create a space that is clean, concise in colour and form, but filled with objects that add to the atmosphere of luxury.

The living room is separated from the corridor by a column (more about it later) and sliding translucent partitions from the kitchen-dining area, where the low ceiling and Calacatta stone on the floor are like two parallel planes, between which there is a single height for furniture, doors and partitions.

It has been said many times that the guest bathroom is the hallmark of the house.

Here it is on the left hand side of the entrance, behind the flush-mounted door, a design with a miniature sink is subtly placed. Panels of dark veneer by installation close the water supply unit, turn on the corner of the shaft, then a massive frame with a mirror is cut into the wall, behind which in the hall continues its course through the entrance door and passes to the hidden wardrobe. In this dark panelling, the front door is lost, avoiding the classic door portal that takes the viewer’s attention away and shouts for functionality.

The teenager’s room shares the overall architecture and style of the project, but is filled with interesting solutions in the form of panels, the cage of which echoes the Zanotta consoles in the hall and sets the graphics of the entire space. The panels behind the headboard were supposed to be acoustic, but they proved to be labour-intensive to install and in the process were replaced by wooden panels with an identical pattern. Good soundproofing was still achieved with a press-fit frameless system.

The children’s bathroom is mature and elegant. The wall behind the sink is tiled with concrete texture and woollen herringbone texture, which is emphasised by the neon lighting of the mirror. And dark veneer panels contrast with the built-in white bathtub.

All faucets in the bathrooms are black matte (Fima Carlo Frattini) to set laconic colour accents.

The master bedroom is the dominant feature of this interior.

It is a private space where we do not allow outsiders to enter (equipped with a pass system). A place where we revitalise, sleep and relax. The bed with a massive quilted headboard in dark green textured fabric is a focal point that draws the eye against the white wall. The graphic black and white rug and light fixture – a light guide on the wall add to the contemporary feel.

In the master bathroom, the natural stone with light green veins (Verde Macchia Vecchia slab) takes centre stage. It is used in a “butterfly” layout on the large wall in the shower and on the opposite wall behind the console with two tall black cylindrical sinks and symmetrical tall mirrors. This composition balances the space, gives a balanced gamut. From the leftover stone we ordered a pylon in the shower and 6 trays, which added accents throughout the flat. The other planes were left in light corian, the black sanitary ware stands out perfectly with this background.


Matching horizontal and vertical lines, complete missing shapes with built-in furniture pieces. Almost all items along the walls are custom-made. This allows them to fit perfectly into the dimensions, avoid repetition and make the interior truly unique.

The hallway is separated from the living room by a glossy black glass column with a built-in screen on the side of the reception area. On the hallway side, two Zanotta consoles in the style of the 1950s fit perfectly into the column. They were white with a mosaic effect and simple shapes, and we fell in love with them. But the customers did not immediately agree to them, we had to defend this decision, which paid off with further feedback from everyone who enters the flat. Above the consoles is a large round mirror with a metal hoop + a vase of a complex shape, which was noticed during a walk around Moscow and we immediately realised that this is what is needed here.

Two metal shelving units (in the living room and study) made of blued steel, made according to our drawings, are very eye-catching; they quote each other and connect the different ends of the flat through an open long corridor. Their faces are chaotically turned towards the viewer at different angles. Such shelving units are good even without filling, they are themselves as a piece of decoration or a volumetric wall decoration.

The sofa (Atlas Arketipo) is of course a striking accent in the living room, it is an active dominant in shape and position, facing the viewer. The red leather cushion on it was matched with the pouffe in the lounge. They echo each other perfectly.

Dining group (Cattelan Italia).

The children’s bed with an asymmetrical headboard and a round pouffe in the Master bedroom wardrobe were custom-made.

A concrete stupa table with storage under the lid and a grunge vintage rug complete the look of the nursery.

Above the headboard in the Master Bedroom is a three-dimensional white plaster bas-relief of “Meeting in the Mountains” (by Uluhanli Gallery), which perfectly complements the wide moulded cornices around the perimeter of the ceiling. The mirror in the wardrobe on the floor was also made to our sketches. We needed a mirror with a wide, voluminous black frame, as any other would have been lost next to the other massive items.


We always pay special attention to lighting. This project has a whole collection of very beautiful chandeliers.

The most spectacular one is of course in the living room (MANOOI Artica Bohemian). It has a complex shape and is made of many tiny crystals with a violet cast. You could make a film about the history of its installation. None of the contractors wanted to take responsibility for this luxury item (except for a third of the cost of the chandelier itself). In the end, HomeART | Interior Showroom partners were very helpful in completing this project, supplying all imported items, not only freestanding furniture, but also the kitchen and wardrobe. They carried out a neat, high-quality assembly and painstakingly assembled and installed MANOOI in its rightful place. In the same area above the dining table, 3 large transparent lights (Flos Noctambule), installed in the size of the unfolded dining “marble” table for six people. The group looks chic against the dark wood of the kitchen and together with the black leather armchairs around it.

In the master bedroom, a laconic hoop with white light (GROK Circular Outward ). Asymmetry is also actively used in the bedroom: to the right and left of the headboard of the bed differently shaped and designed luminaires (Delta Light + Oluce Atollo Metall); opposite the bed from the corner with a window is a linear light (CENTRSVET Liner ).

For the nursery near the bed on the window side we found a laconic and playful version of a pendant floor lamp in the form of a cone on a fishing rod (Vibia North).

In the centre of the study (planned nursery) is a cosy dome with a large diameter (Luceplan Farel), with different textures inside and outside, its felt textures are a perfect match for the texture of the wall panels.

In addition to pendant lights, the project used a lot of dimmable lights, which create a special atmosphere in the evening. In the corridor, light frames with the ability to adjust the intensity of light are the only option for artificial lighting. In the children’s room and bathroom we used coloured illumination: blue along the cornice in the bedroom, it gives soft lines along the folds of the fabric when the curtains are closed; purple along the lines of the mirror from wall to wall in the bathroom, it looks particularly effective from the corridor when the door is open.


A very interesting element is the DIGITAL column in black glass, which we see immediately from the entrance. Its top is shadowed against the ceiling, and on the living room side, a screen is integrated into it. It is glued behind the glass, so when switched off, it does not attract attention, just a perfect glass edge. In addition, the column fulfils an important role of dividing the space between the living room and the hall, it can be walked round. And of course, with such a complex screen story, good sound is essential.

We always remember about privacy at the design stage, so we always put good noise insulation in all the pies.

The kitchen space is equipped with the latest technology. There is everything you may need to create the most exquisite dishes and receive guests. The oven is equipped with a steam heating system, the refrigerator with an ice maker.

The master bedroom is accessed through a U-shaped wardrobe, made of tinted glass for natural insolation. Not just an aesthetic storage system, the wardrobe is equipped with a steam cabinet (V-Zug REFRESH-BUTLER), which keeps things fresh, removes all foreign odours and extends wear time. A real laboratory of care.

We pay special attention to the microclimate in the rooms, with integrated ventilation and air conditioning as a priority. Slotted grilles (Invisiline), in addition to their function, are also an integral part of the design, emphasising the lines defined by the planning solutions, complementing the lines of the lighting tracks with their graphics.

We managed to convey the aesthetics of the Moscow Empire of the Soviet period in a modern and technological way. But the main success is the correspondence of all the ideas to the actual realisation. If you compare the 3D visualisations with the photographs, there will be minimal discrepancies. We managed to realise the spirit of the project by 1000%, thank you to our customers for their trust.



Although the details are as well thought out as possible in the project, during the construction it was not without finding an understanding with specialised teams of workers, for them the project seemed too complicated, this is partly due to the rather impressive implementation period (two years). Sometimes the workers even refused to carry out certain types of work, as in the situation with the chandelier in the living room). But this is normal, because construction is always a unique event with many inputs. Design solutions are refined in the process, in fact, for this purpose the project author is present at the site on a weekly basis and finds options that will only benefit the visual component.

SALON INTERIOR. November 2022
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