Apartment 67m²
Project Author:
Arthur Mitroshkin
Moscow, Russia
Daniel Annenkov
Arthur Mitroshkin
The client is an active young woman. The key to the layout was the desire to allocate personal space for each member of the family, so the common kitchen-living room area is small. The main area was used to create a children's room for a 10 year old boy. The client's 100% trust in the planning and styling solutions gave a perfect result.

Creating a clean, concise space. Clear strict lines and filling forms with functionality are the code of our interiors. The first thing that inspired the project was the location. The 33rd floor promised a great view, which didn’t happen because of the close proximity to the twin tower. As the overall footprint is small, the colour scheme was determined decisively and unmistakably. White works for volume and allows to add accents. And here is the appeal: don’t be afraid of white! Trust the designer in the choice of textures! Bold does not equal safe and vice versa.


The volumes give a sense of smooth flowing space. This is an example of lightness behind the complex structural work. We managed to match all horizontal and vertical lines and complete the missing ones with built-in furniture elements. Almost all the pieces are custom-made. This allows us to fit them perfectly into the dimensions, avoid repetitions and make the interior truly unique. Even ready-made furniture is sometimes brought to the required dimensions. For example, the bar stools were trimmed for full symbiosis with the table top of the dining area. One of the customer’s requirements was a high degree of noise insulation in the flat. Therefore, all partitions and wall panelling fulfil this need. We always pay special attention to the microclimate in our projects; built-in ventilation and air conditioning are a priority. In addition to their function, duct units are also an integral part of the design, emphasising the lines defined by the planning solutions.


The challenge was to create the illusion of spaciousness. We achieved the necessary result by using a lot of mirrors in the corridor areas, namely in the turning points along the routes. We are particularly proud of the idea of mirror slopes in the windows, which allowed us to open up a view of the horizon where it was not expected. Now, sitting on the sofa in the living room, you can look at the sunset in the mirror.

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