Apartment 196 m²
Moscow, Russia
Clean laconic space, clear lines and strict functional forms are the code of our interiors.
MINIMALISM is a modern classic.

The aesthetics of the project is in the details and the right choice of materials.
Wood and dark stone serve as a general background, monochrome textiles with different textures complicate and connect the project, glass and metal set accents, white marble refreshes.
In a living space for a large family, there are common areas that should be comfortable for every member of the family and guests, and there are private corners that are primarily designed to reflect the character and needs of the owner, but at the same time not to contrast their individuality with the whole project.
It is very important to strike a balance between the general framework, functionality and personalisation.
Geometry and materials were used to integrate the private areas into the main areas.

Hall way.
The entrance door always smells of the entrance and public area.
In this project, marble columns are placed in front of the veneer wall with the door, from behind which a partition comes out and closes the standard 2 metre entrance door. In this way we have achieved a clean solution with doors and partitions into the ceiling without exception.

Open living.
A home begins with a living room that you want to return to.
The CHOCO living room is a perfect example of parallel zoning: a working linear kitchen and an island with a half-bar breakfast counter, followed by a dining group.
The special charm of the project is the real wood-burning fireplace in the living room. Family evenings watching your favourite films or a small party with friends, or maybe a quiet evening with an interesting book.
Everyone should be comfortable and free here.
We have long ago determined for ourselves that the ideal size of the living room starts from 40 sq.m.
In this project, the total space is a generous 62 sq.m.

Master bedroom.
A private unit that is off-limits to prying eyes.
The Baxter bed is cosy and soft, and you just want to jump into it.
The wardrobe performs the function of space zoning, creating a cosy sleeping area and separating the boudoir area with natural light.
The master bathroom is also hidden behind the wardrobe, it has a perfect white colour, floor-to-ceiling windows, soft accent lighting, warm and gentle atmosphere.

Utility areas.
The cloakroom in the hall can be not only about convenience.
It turned out to be the centre of the composition, the planning solution was built around it due to the lack of space on the perimeter. The utilitarian becomes form-forming.
Laundry room – no less important room of any house, which every housewife dreams of, and yes, they can be stylish. Here we have placed column machines from V-ZUG, a technical sink, which is closed by a grid and forms a tabletop, under it behind perforated facades are boxes for sorting laundry. The mezzanine houses a nozzle humidification unit for the entire flat. In a niche in the side wall there is a storage system, and on the other wall there is a rod for temporarily hanging clothes when using the ironing system.

Stylish room for a young man.
Grey for interiors will always be relevant, it is timeless. And if you need a stylish accent, we take yellow without a second thought. This nursery was designed in January 2019. It’s been almost a year, but the more time passes, the more we like it.
The main space is a kinetic bed in yellow by Italian designer Claudio Bitetti, the 2016 model Big Hug by Mogg. A grey background of acoustic wood fibre panels in a framed portal that transitions into a wardrobe. Along the wall of the workstation, modular systems set a modern interpretation of the game of Gorodki.

Bedroom for a young lady.
Powder, pink, light shades – primarily associated with a girl’s room.
In our case, the young girl asked for black. The perfect client)
Play of textures, monochrome, accents in details, marble, metal.

Minimalism. Clean solutions.
On simple shapes are assembled complex volumes that are subordinate to each other.
Behind the beautiful pictures there is always thoughtful engineering.

Arthur Mitroshkin
Layout / Сoncept
Arthur Mitroshkin
Arthur Mitroshkin
CG Artist
Kirill Vil
Natalia Flancheva
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